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I’ve been in the Art Direction program at VCU Brandcenter for almost a year now.

This is what I have to show for it.


When the city you know and love is overwhelmed by amazing things to share with all of its visitors, how do you condense it into a 30-sec spot?

Acting, editing: Caleb York (CW), Jesse Lane (AD), Haley Yacavone (AD)

Filming, editing: Emily Rhodes (CW)


The meeting place of an entire community was going out of business and we thought they deserved a proper farewell and thank you for all they’ve done for us.

Filming, editing: Haley Yacavone (AD), KT McVeigh (CW), Emmaline Terry (AD)


It’s a pen. A really, really expensive pen that really, really important people use.


cinema 4d

When your professor tells you to make a wine bottle and wine glasses to familiarize yourself with a new program and you’re a giant Harry Potter nerd.

Yacavone_Unicorn Blood.png

timbuk2 messenger bags

When life gives you bears, indigenous tribes and bulls, thank God you have a TimBuk2.